Faith in Humanity – A Dicey Proposition

Can you ever turn your back on trust?

Source: via E.L. on Pinterest

For more background on the devolution of dignity in humanity, see The Dignity of Humanity on Scribd.

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2 Responses to “Faith in Humanity – A Dicey Proposition”

  1. The Secular Jurist Says:

    How apropos! I prefer to think of humans as being individually “flawed” rather than being innately “good” or “evil.” The latter more generalized view is very dangerous because it can be (and has been) used to vilify whole groups of people. Even Hitler, probably the most illustrative example of malice, had at least some positive qualities. And, I’m sure the many benevolent “heroes” that we hold in such high esteem had their fair share of negative traits. The balance of our thoughts and actions should define us, though they do not make us good or evil – but human.

  2. E.L. Beck Says:

    ’tis true. Assuming inherent “evil,” or “ignorance” or “stupidity” in humanity is always used by political and business leaders to justify their condescending attitudes and mistreatment of humanity. Sadly, there is another historical arc, one that believes in the innate abilities of humanity to self govern, and more recently being verified by neurobiological research. However, economists and business leaders of the late 19th century preferred the animalistic “survival of the fittest” worldview since it fit their style of centralized, scorched-earth capitalism. Our education system accepted this and, eventually, so did western society. We are living with those acceptances today.

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